2004 Antelope Hunting Season Dates & Regulations Set

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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners set the dates for the 2004 antelope hunting seasons, and approved recommendations for a buck only season in all units except the archery season, and the elimination of Box Butte East Late and Box Butte West Late seasons this year.

Kit Hams, the Commissions big game program manager, said surveys indicate antelope numbers appear to be declining in the North Sioux, Box Butte and Banner units. He is also concerned by low fawn - doe ratios in the Banner North and Banner South units. “A prolonged and severe drought continues throughout the pronghorn range and is especially severe in the Banner units, likely causing low fawn survival,” he said.

2004 Nebraska Antelope Hunting Seasons:

Archery Antelope Season: Aug. 20 - Nov. 12 and Nov. 22 - Dec. 31, closed during firearm antelope season in all areas open to firearm antelope hunting. The season is open statewide. The archery permit will allow the bowhunter to take one antelope of either sex, except one antelope with horns longer than its ears on the Bessey Division of the Nebraska National Forest.

Muzzleloader Antelope Season: Sept. 18 - Oct. 3. The season is open statewide, except closed in the Bessey Division of the Nebraska National Forest in Blaine and Thomas counties. There will be 150 buck only permits available.

Firearm Antelope Seasons: Oct. 9 - 24.

2004 Nebraska Firearm Antelope Units and Permits Available:

Banner North, 100 buck only permits

Banner South, 70 buck only permits

Box Butte East, 35 buck only permits

Box Butte West, 50 buck only permits

Cherry, 50 buck only permits

Cheyenne, 30 buck only permits

Dismal, 12 buck only permits

Garden, 40 buck only permits

North Sioux, 200 buck only permits