2003-2004 Hunting and Fishing License Results Down

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The number of people hunting and fishing in North Dakota in 2003 was similar to 2002, according to final statistics compiled by the State Game and Fish Department. Year-end totals for the 2003-04 season mirror preliminary figures released by the department in early April.

North Dakota had more residents in the field and on the water last year than the year before. The number of resident anglers increased to 133,464, up from 132,090 in 2002. The state sold 102,560 resident general game hunting licenses in 2003, up from 100,935.

Resident totals include 42,714 sportsmen's licenses last year, up from 37,159 in 2002. The sportsmen's license includes fishing, small game, general game and habitat, and furbearer licenses.

Nonresidents purchased 37,877 fishing licenses last year, down from 40,031 in 2002. General game hunting licenses were sold last year to 45,965 nonresidents, down from 47,681.

While the state lost some nonresident waterfowl hunters, it made up for it in the number of out-of-staters hunting pheasants. The $85 waterfowl license was sold to 26,066 nonresidents last year. In 2002, when the license was a $10 add-on to the small game license, 30,000 nonresident waterfowl licenses were sold. Nonresident pheasant hunters numbered 25,072 last year, nearly a 10 percent increase over the 22,840 nonresidents who hunted pheasants in the state in 2002.

Final numbers are based on figures submitted from county auditors, and from sales through the department's Bismarck office, licensing telephone number, and internet website.