2002 Licenses Available

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Anglers and hunters purchasing a sporting license will notice a change when they get their 2002 license. Gone are the multiple forms for different licenses. Now license agents will have the ability to issue any license with just one sheet of paper by checking the appropriate box.

The new license marks the beginning of the departure from the old multi-form, multi-license system to the Maine Online Sportsman?s Electronic System, or MOSES.

MOSES is an internet-based licensing system that is being designed in two stages with a two-step implementation. The first phase, which includes creating a license database, developing programs that include all license and registration rules and getting it to function is due to be complete by the end of this year, and the system will be ready to use at IFW headquarters in Augusta within a month. The second phase, which will bring MOSES to individual license agents, should be ready by the end of February.

The department is holding training throughout the state at locations in Presque Isle, Old Town, Waterville and Portland to help ease the transition for agents. Detailed instructions on the new licenses were also provided to agents with the shipping of their new licenses.