2001 Moose, Elk and Bighorn Sheep Harvest Report

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North Dakota's moose, elk and bighorn sheep hunters had a successful 2001 season. Harvest statistics released by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department show overall hunter success was 91 percent for moose, 46 percent for elk and 100 percent for bighorn sheep.

The department issued 151 moose licenses last year. Of that total, 137 hunters were successful, taking 89 antlered and 48 antlerless.

Of 231 elk licenses issued last year, 106 hunters harvested 52 antlered and 54 antlerless.

One bighorn sheep unit was open in 2001. Four licenses were issued in Unit B4 and all hunters tagged adult rams.


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Great success ratio for a

Great success ratio for a state with very limited license numbers for the species listed. I had thought that N. Dakota had more elk than that but 10 years ago it may have been very different. Good to see these reports showing the management success stories across the country.