2001 Dear Harvest Results

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MassWildlife Deer Project Leader Bill Woytek reports a total of 9829 white-tailed deer taken by licensed hunters during the combined 2001 seasons. The kill ranks as the fourth highest statewide total on record and does not include an additional 101 deer taken during the Quabbin Reservation contolled hunt. By season the total breaks down to 4 deer taken during the special season for paraplegic sportsmen, 2914 taken by archers, 6057 taken during the shotgun season and 854 taken during the muzzleloading season.

2001 Deer Harvest Summary Tables

"The kill during both the archery and muzzleloading seasons was up over last year while the figures for the shotgun season were down," reports Woytek. "Looking at the distribution of the harvest by season and Deer Management Zone it appears that favorable weather conditions and participation by archers and muzzleloading enthusiasts resulted in excellent hunting opportunities and success during the bow and muzzleloader seasons. The unseasonably warm weather we experienced during the shotgun season kept movements of both deer and deer hunters to a minimum. Those conditions favored hunters in the smaller eastern Massachusetts woodlots where one or two people could still hunt a small plot thoroughly. That strategy doesn't work out in the larger tracts of forest in Western Massachusetts where you measure the blocks of deer cover in thousands of acres. Success is as much a factor of hunter density as it is deer density and we?ve seen a dramatic shift in participation from west to east in this state."

Woytek reminds Bay State deer hunters that archers, shotgunners and muzzleloaders alike will need an antlerless permit to take an antlerless deer in any Deer Management Zone and during any season beginning in the fall of 2002. Permit applications are attached to traditional hunting and sporting licenses and must be submitted prior to July 16. Outdoors people purchasing licenses on line via www.MassWildlife.org may apply for an antlerless permit electronically. For more information contact Bill Woytek, 508.792.7270 x121.