20,000 Antlerless Only Deer Permits Remain

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Deer hunters planning for the two shotgun seasons are encouraged to purchase an antlerless only permit along with their any deer tag. Permits remain in the high deer population areas of southern and northeast Iowa.

"We have had a good response from hunters, but we still have a high number of antlerless permits available in southern and northeast Iowa counties. Unfortunately, that is exactly where the deer herd is the largest," said Richard Bishop, chief of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wildlife bureau.

Bow and early muzzleloader hunters purchased a record number of antlerless licenses and the DNR is hoping shotgun hunters do the same. First season shotgun hunters may purchase an antlerless license, in addition to their any deer permit, for the first shotgun season.

"Now we need the shotgun hunters to help us out," Bishop said. "The only way to reduce the deer herd is for hunters to take more does, and the antlerless permits are the way to do that."

The first antlerless deer only permit costs $26. Each antlerless permit after the first costs only $11. Hunters can donate extra deer to a locker participating in the Help Us Stop Hunger (HUSH) program at no cost. Participating lockers are listed on the internet at www.iowahush.com. Hunters can also donate $5 to HUSH each time they purchase a deer permit.

"Our permit sales are set up to allow hunters to harvest a doe, while waiting for the trophy buck to come along," Bishop said. "If hunters don't have the opportunity for that trophy, they still have venison from the doe."

The DNR has a list of license sales by county, and how many licenses remain on its website. Click on the wildlife link on the navigation bar, then on the link "Iowa Resident Antlerless Licenses Remaining".