2000 Pronghorn Harvest Report

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Pronghorn hunters during the 2000 rifle season harvested 1,029 pronghorns, an increase of 386 from 1999, according to data compiled by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

A total of 1,194 hunters harvested 806 bucks and 223 does. Hunters spent an average of 2.1 days in the field and had a success rate of 86 percent. In 1999, 85 percent of 756 hunters were successful, harvesting 643 pronghorns.

Fourteen gun hunting units were open, up from seven open units in 1999. "The majority of our prime pronghorn range was open for gun hunting," said Mike Oehler, big game biologist, "and this was reflected by the increased number of licenses issued and pronghorns harvested."


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Wow again as it looks like 10

Wow again as it looks like 10 years ago things were on the upswing in the Dakotas with growing antelope herds and nearly double the harvest of just the year before. I have been looking to South Dakota as a possible direction for one of my next antelope hunts but due to the winter that we just came out of I bet the tags are going to be cut way back for awhile. I'll be hunting them in Wyoming again this year as usual and I will kind of base what I see there for what I plan next year. I was prettyu set on going to Montana but that may have to be put on hold as well.

I'm always planning my next move and it saddens me to see how things have changed after glowing reports like the one in this update.