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  Those certainly are a very


Those certainly are a very unique set of antlers - very neat and a great looking mount!  I once shot a whitetail buck where his one side of his antlers looked very similar to this - it was only 4 points on the one side but the antlers were flat in areas and then nice and round in other places.  Excellent pics and thanks for sharing them with all of us!


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Very nice mulie for sure, I

Very nice mulie for sure, I would love to get a thick heavy buck like that. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on you deer.

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Cool Buck !!

Very good looking muley for sure ! Too bad he was busted up !

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Wow, beautiful bucks, good

Wow, beautiful bucks, good job.

Love those heavy webbed antlers. I have never taken anything that unique but am always looking.

It's good to see pictures from my home state of bucks like those.

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I like how unique this buck is.  The four other deer I have shot were very typical (which is my preference), so it was nice to get something out of my norm.