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Great Bull !!!!

That is a "TOAD" of a bull and thanks for putting the pics in the gallery ! Congrats to you and your buddy !

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1 1/2 days to pack out?  You

1 1/2 days to pack out?  You must have been slacking.... lol

Just kidding.  That's an awesome bull Mike.  Absolutely love the darker antlers!

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That's a really nice bull

That's a really nice bull elk!

If you don't mind me asking, where were you hunting at the time?

Wyoming is a big state. I don't think there are any elk where I will be going NNW of Casper. I always thought that elk lived in the steeper areas with timber associated with it. It looks like there might be some of that in the background of that first picture, though where he's lying, it looks pretty open.

Nice smile on the bull, too!

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We're hunting in the Big

We're hunting up high in the Big Horns north of where you are going and I added a few more pictures because the two with that elk are deceiving as far as it all being open country!  The additional pictures will give you a better idea of the area because the mountains are deceiving with the various meadows that the animals come up into out of the heavier canyons right below them.  We got that bull right up in the meadow that is up further behind where the ninth picture was taken from.  We hunt those meadows at daylight and again in the evening, but also go after them down in the canyons where they bed during the day.  If you are able to blow that last picture of the herd up and look closely over to the right side, there is a bull breeding a cow just to the left of the lead bunch!

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Love the new photos! I hunted

Love the new photos!

I hunted Utah years ago, and it was some of the most beautiful country I have been in.  I would like another trip to the Rockies, anywhere from Wyoming to Colorado to Utah.  Just beautiful!