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That is some beautiful sceneary thanks for sharing the images.  You inspire me to want to get back to the western hunts


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Man, I am trying to feel

Man, I am trying to feel sorry for you for the lack of game - but when I see simply stunning images like you have shown, I can not quite work my way up to it!

I would certainly liked to have seen the harvest total a little higher and it sounds like you had some brutally long days.

When I hear that, I think the guides really were working hard for you, though.

If they worked their butts off for you - and the harvest was not there - you can only make two determinations - that area is not the BEST hunting grounds or you just caught a bad week... I would hope it was the latter.

You went on a dream hunt, that is for sure.

I would love to hear the story of how you chose Idaho and how you settled on this particular guide...

At any rate, great images - both in print and mentally - and I am sure you came away with memories that etched indelibly on your mind.

I am shooting for a 2012 hunt and am trying to work out in my mind (and in actuality) the details of these same issues.

Great work - thanks for posting...

Jealous in SC...