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  A great set of pictures


A great set of pictures with all of them having very respectible if not downright huge beasts!  I especially like Dakota's buck as it is always great when a youngster gets a nice buck.  To see his smile in this picture sure brings memories of my son's first bucks.  Fantastic pictures and thanks greatly for sharing them.  I would love to be hunting the property right next to yours!!!



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Looks like I see the word

Looks like I see the word Kansas buried in a few of those photos so these beasts are not incredibly surprising.

Beasts they are though - and some great ones at that!

Those racks are the stuff of which dreams are made... many a set of trousers has been soiled with antlers less than these.

Great work and great photos - send us some more!

Jim (jealous in SC)

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Thanks Jim!

Sorry it took so long to reply! I havnt been back here in a while. Been busy getting property and selling hunts for next season. You are correct....Kansas and Western Oklahoma ( sleeper spot ). Love the part about the trousers. I hope to have more pics up soon.  



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Holy Smokes! Those are some monster bucks.  Those are racks that I only dream of seeing in my neck of the woods.  Are these deer bred for antler growth?  Are they on a feeder program?  Were they harvested in a fenced setting? I don't mean to insult anyone who harvested them, I'm just genuinely curious as to how those racks grow so big.  I don't think that any deer like grow in the wild anywhere near me!  Kudos to who ever had a hand in the deer herd management to produce bucks like that.  They really know what they are doing and the results speak for themselves!

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Thanks Mike

Sorry it took so long to reply...Havnt been back here in a while and I just saw your reply. We have a strict 140 inch or 4.5 year harvest minimum. We are lucky to have properties that have great mineral content and we have protien rich food plots year round. We strive to be the best! All these deer were taken in fair chase! Home grown midwestern whitetails!




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Where are the Spurs?

Your screen name is TinesandSpurs - I see a whole bunch of tines, but no spurs!  :>)

Those are some really nice looking bucks!

You and your friends/family must have some real honey holes to hunt!

Congrats on harvesting these awesome deer.


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Spurs are coming

Hey Jaybe,



Sorry I havnt replied back sooner. I havnt been back on here much and didnt see the response till tonight. I will break out the Gobbler pics in a day or two.


Thanks for the recognition,