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As soon as I saw this photo,

As soon as I saw this photo, I said it had to be a Maine buck!  That thing is a brute!!!! great looking deer.  My Uncle got a 252 lb (dressed) 8 point up there one year, and I found a dead 12 point back in the 80's that would probably have pushed 240.  Some great animals!

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Best hunt of all time

This photo is of me and my 18yrs younger brother Bob with his 1st deer in 2006.  My son Jonah was 6 yrs old when he took this photo.  9pointer dressed out at 198 lbs.  2lbs short of getting a Biggest Bucks of Maine patch.  Bummer.  My brother was walking about 30 yrds ahead of me and Jonah.  (little guy dragging his feet in the 15 degree morning, hehe scuff scuff scuff)  when I spotted the buck 15 yards to my left.  Jonah saw him too.  With Jonah's hand on my hip and pulled up had this buck dead to rights, pulled hammer back, safety off, pressure on trigger when it hits me.  The wind was right in my face blowing at 20mph.  I turn to look at bobby stopped at the rise in the old clear cut logging road.  Buck is just walking away and I take a chance.  "Bobby!"  Buck stops.  Bob looks back at me and I give him the old two fingers point to eyes then to clear-cut.  What's he do... Ready.  "OH CRAP!"  Then he Elmer Fudd's it out into clear cut and takes aim.  Kaboom!  Quartering away shot.  I say, "Fire again" literally buck still standing there wondering where that shot came from.  Kaboom! 2nd shot hits.  Deer walking away. Turns slightly...  "Bobby hit him again!"  Kaboom.  Guns were a blazing with my son right there watching it go down.  Buck hunches up that one hit him hard.  He goes down.  We were so excited.  Nice buck and Bob's 1st.  My son with me.  I spent so much time that year in the area scouting around.  Hunted so hard took my children with me and jumped deer.  It’s way harder with little ones.  When we got to the buck we said a prayer and I got overwhelmed with emotion.  I still choke up and get teary eyed when I tell the story.  1hr and 1/2 later Bob had that buck dragged out of there.  Kind of a rite of passage for us guys that hunt Jack Mountain Maine.  You have to drag it out alone if it’s your 1st buck from that area.  If you’re ever with me around the campfire I can tell this story way better than I can write it.  Sounds more like Colby Donaldson the host of Top Shot on History Channel with a mix of Joe Rogan ring commentator from UFC.  HAHAHA.