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  Okay we went from moose


Okay we went from moose calves to this Beast a bull!!!  Wow!!!  An excellent specimen!  I do hope you can get that permit in less time than the last one.  Great pictures and thanks for sharing them!


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Awesome Bull!

That's a great bull Swamp Donkey.  Thanks for sharing the photographs.  I haev put in for teh New Hampshire moose permit twice so far.  I plan to keep at it until I draw one! 

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Thats all you can do! be

Thats all you can do! be patient, I had entered for 18 years before I finally got drawn! Hopefully it's not another 18 before I get drawn again!

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good luck!

Good luck!

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That Bull!

That bull you have in your profile pic looks pretty impressive, where was that taken?