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Wow!!  What a fantastic buck!  Congratulations on your successful hunt.  I hope you have him mounted so you can enjoy him for years to come.  I know it costs a lot for taxidermy, but over the years of enjoyment, it's worth it.  I stand in my trophy room frequently and reflect on hunts I've had over the years.  It won't be long before I won't be going out much more but I can still relive all those memories each time I look at the mounts.  Great job and good luck next year.

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That's a fantastic buck!

I've taken twice as many bucks as you and none of them have been anywhere near as impressive as that big boy.  You ought to be proud of him.  I'd call that rack a wall hanger for sure!  

Congratulations on a fantastic buck!  



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Very Nice !!

Great looking buck and I bet it wont be your last big buck !