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those are some nice pictures.

those are some nice pictures. Looks like you had a good scouting trip. I didn't relize there were antelope hunts that late in the year. I thought they mostly took place in Aug and Sept. I haven't been speedgoat hunting yet. I've been building my points in my home state. It will take anywhere from 10-20 points for a good unit out here. I can't really afford to hunt in the mecca of speedgoats (WY) but hope to pull a tag here in Oregon and have a chance at atleast a 80" lope

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Those are some nice pictures

Those are some nice pictures and that buck antelope looks great. I would be more than happy to take him and give him a new home on my wall. Been saving points for up towards Craig. Lots of BLM up that way and some really nice bucks. I also hope those goats or goat parts you saw when taken leagally. Even thou that buck was no monster I would have done at least a skull cap on him. Have several laying around the house or yard. To me and the wife there is no such thing as to many antlers, horns or caps. Thanks for sharing the photos.