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Now that is my kind of meat

Now that is my kind of meat pole.  Looks like you all had a real good day.  i too looked at the picture and could not figure out what was in their chest cavity.  the garbage bag full of ice is a really good idea i had never thought of anythingn like that before.  May just have to throw that is the old storage vault for another day.  Would work real well up bow hunting when it can get really warm at time.  Thanks for shring the picture and giveing me an idea for the future.

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  Ca_Vermonster - those were


Ca_Vermonster - those were garbage bags tied around to hold all of the ice in the deer chest and hip cavities.  It was 60 - 70 degrees out those couple of days so we had to do our best to keep them cool.

As for the hanging pole - you should see the new one he has now.  It is made of two telephone poles sunk in the ground about 14 feet apart and standing about 10 feet tall .  At the top of each pole it is V'eed out and another cut to length telephone pole is spiked into the top.  Then he has added 4 chain winches to it.  My wife is great with electricity so next time she and I are there visiting Dad wants her to run power to the hanging pole so he can have electric winches added.  I really want the chance to fill it again!


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Okay, I get it now.  Very

Okay, I get it now.  Very good idea.  Usually, in Vermont during the rifle season, it stays cold enough to hang them for a few days.  On the rare occasion that it stays warm, we usually just butcher them after a day or 2.


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Nice looking game pole, but I

Nice looking game pole, but I gotta ask.  What are the black or dark gren band around the midsections?  Hard to tell from the photo.

I have a few photos of a game pole in my galleries from back home in Vermont.  Nothing like seeing a bunch of success like that.