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These are two very nice

These are two very nice birds. Although I am from Iowa and shooting two birds at the same time is illegal it would be one hell of a story to tell if it did happen.

Here in Iowa they say if you shoot two birds at the same time you are suppose to call DNR and have them come and issue a tag for the second bird, but I have of this happen and the person who had this happen to them called DNR and when the DNR officer arrived he asked him how he did and the persontold him he did not see the other bird in the weeds. The officer than told him that he must not have been watching the area that he was shooting and asked him what would have happened if there was a person back there in the weeds. Which is very true.

I beleive this person actually did see the econd bird just didnt think about the shot hitting both of them and told this story to the officer trying to stay out of trouble.


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Thank you.!!!!!

Thanks for your comment. It sure was exciting!