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  A very nice bull you got


A very nice bull you got there!  The spike is also nothing to be disappointed about!  The coats are really nice looking as well as the dark antlers.  Also a neat shot of that elk below the power lines.  Probably not a very safe shot!  :)  A successful hunt and great pics - thanks for sharing them with us!



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Oregon is not the place most

Oregon is not the place most people think of when you start talking about elk hunting but you have proven by your pictures that it is a very worthy destination. I just drove back from there last week after a few days and was lucky enough to see a small herd right from the highway. I didn't see any bulls but we were a ways off and it's still pretty early in the year. Congratulations on all of your hunts as it looks like you have done very well. I'm not sure if I will ever get to hunt there myself but I had a great time enjoying the fishing that you have available.