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  Great trail cam pics


Great trail cam pics numbnitz!  Some nice animals in the shots.  You are definitely setting up the camera in the right places for your future hunts.  Great pics and hope you are able to harvest out of them in the near future!


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Some great pics

Some great pics there....hopefully they will help you out come hunting season, whichever you take part in.

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Thanks, these are just some of the pics i got, My elk hunting is done for the year, but i still have a late deer hunt in NOV. The elk hunt was slow, but I'd say 95% of the elk pics were at night between 11:00pm and 4:00am so maybe thats why we didnt have very good luck this year. these were from eastern oregon and my deer hunt will be in western oregon but I have a great spot scouted out already, I'm gonna get my cam back up next week and begin my final scouting for deer. good luck to you as well.