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Look at the form that guy has

Look at the form that guy has - wonderful for his age.  He is starting off on the right foot even if as it was noted in a previous post, he is shooting left handed with a right handed bow.  Imagine how good he will be be when he gets a left handed bow.

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Its a next generation, it

He is 3, Its a next generation, it shoots little suction cup arrows, hes pretty good with it now, the pic was taken when i first gave it to him. he's always saying"daddy I'm praticing so when I'm big I can shoot deers with you"

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How old?

Awesome, starting them young. My dad started me out at the age of 2 and I did the same with my son.  What kind of bow is that?

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That's awesome

Looks like he's a lefty with a right handed bow...