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  Excellent pics Nhunt!  My


Excellent pics Nhunt!  My dream is to someday own a farm and make it into my own personal wildlife sanctuary for me to be the only hunter within!  Great shots and I hope you are still enjoying the farm and many hunts in the future!


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Laughing Dog - Southwest

Laughing Dog -

Southwest Georgia has some GREAT bucks and that is a good example of one! I am not sure which county you are in but that Flint River corridor has some absolutely beastly bucks... I think at least two Booners have been taken over this so far this year. (I hope some of these wander over on to your property!!)

I applaud you for working to create a preserve - this is a serious undertaking and I am not sure that everyone knows how hard it is.

It is not just trigger control on smaller bucks - it is the whole picture... leaving certain areas alone as a sanctuary, putting in plots both spring and fall, putting in mineral and salt stations, feeding in the offseason, taking does as needed, keeping poachers out - it is a lot of work.

I would love to see you write and submit a full story on the buck - he is a dandy and I am sure it would make a great read!

Heck, do some stories on the other critters too!

Send more photos also - these are great!

Good work!