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  Excellent Minnesota Bucks! 


Excellent Minnesota Bucks!  I hope your wife's claim actually came to be - last year or hopefully this year.  These are all very respectable whitetails and hope you had a chance to add several to your mounts and to your freezer.  Thanks for sharing these pictures with all of us!


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When I seen your pictures I couldn't believe it. We have a Cabin in Grey Eagle MN. and all the years we have been up there fishing I have never seen a deer. Maybe I'm spending to much time watching my fishing pole.

Awesome Pictures.

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Thanks, I'm about 4 hours

Thanks, I'm about 4 hours north of there along the canadian border with a nice little chunk of private land here and seem to have plenty to choose from.

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Looks like you have a couple

Looks like you have a couple of very nice looking bucks there.

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Some great looking bucks

Some great looking bucks there!