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Thats to bad that you couldnt

Thats to bad that you couldnt get a shot off. Thats a tough choice to make especially when its a very nice buck that you have in your sights.

But you also take that chance of having a bad shot because you cant see  and you miss that deer and there would be good chance that you would never see him again.

But back to the pictures they are all really nice bucks!

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Well that backs up the

Well that backs up the comments about the big bucks you see over there in Kansas if that's where these pictures were taken. It looks like every one of them is bigger than my first one I took in Texas last year. I'm totally happy with the one I got but would love to nail a bigger one like those guys this year.

Nice pics thanks for putting them up for us.

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hunter25, by all means, come


by all means, come to kansas, start hunting West of the Smoky hills, Bring all of your friends. Beat the whittail back to the missouri river bottom and allow the mule deer to procreate east.

for the love of god, help exterpate this species of deer from the plains.

but seriously, i've seen bucks on public land bigger than these. Lots of people go to wilson Lake, it has great deer hunting, however, it's pretty easy to hunt, so there's more pressure. i hunt a lot out west by Larned, KS. and I bowhunt just outside of Kanasas City.

Hunting whitetails is a little more thrilling when it's spot and stalk, but almost don't count on my list of big game. i hunt them every year, but it's not as enjoyable as a good mountain hunt.

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i had a shot at the big one

i had a shot at the big one in the first pic. he was a 15 point monster last year. in the end, at full draw, i decided it was too dark to take a RESPONSIBLE shot.

so he lived. i found one shed. 8 points on one side!

all kansas deer.

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maybe next year!

Maybe you'll get him next year with a few more points!  He sure is quite an impressive buck. WOW.  He makes those in my neck of the woods look down right puny by comparison!