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Congratulations on a fine bull. What do you plan to do wih him, shoulder mount? I have 11 points so hope next year is my lucky year. I looked at your other photos too and those are some nice looking bucks for sure. Thanks for sharing and good luck in the future.

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  Trifecta!  Nice whitetail


Trifecta!  Nice whitetail in 2009, then a brute of a muley in 2010, and now a self guided successful moose hunt - WOW!!!  I call that a nice trifecta!  Great four shots of your huge moose - excellent!  And a nice campfire shot with your son.  Great to have both sons with you on this hunt!  Definitely a great story behind this one.  Thanks for sharing 5 great shots of your hunt!


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Life is Good

Hey, Thanks again for the kind words. It has been a good run. What can I say, I am blessed in more ways than one. It's great to have a Son who enjoys hunting, I think even more than I do. Great memories!