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A time to hunt

I'm getting to the point where I would rather start hunting with a camera. There is one spot on my wall for a 6X6 Bull elk and then, I may be done. Sure do like the meat though and the memories.

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That's a great looking muley for sure. Looks like you had a great hunt. Thanks for sharing the picture with us.

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  That is one heck of a brute


That is one heck of a brute buck - excellent job!  It is always great to harvest a great animal like this on your very own property.  What makes this extra special is your hunting partner - your son - was with you.  An awesome set of 5 shots of your trophy - thanks for sharing them with us!


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Awesome Muley !!!!


That is a stud of a muley for sure ! Congrats on a super buck and sharing it with your son.


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Awesome buck

Two thumbs up on that buck you're holding there. Where was he taken?