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fox squirrls are good eating

fox squirrls are good eating too although your not allowed to hunt them anymore in FL...

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   I want to arrow a fox

   I want to arrow a fox squirrel this fall so I can have a matching set.

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Yea, squirrels are great

Yea, squirrels are great target practice. I stuck one to an oak tree when I was younger.  He was tearing up the tomatoes in the garden. Dad likes tomatoes better than squirrels. So when I walked out the back door, he scooted up the oak and I laid him to rest in it. His skeleton was still there when they cut the tree down.

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Nice shot. I took a squerll

Nice shot. I took a squerll last archery season with my slingshot. Also hit a couple grouse with my bow. thanks for sharing...

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Great shot.

Great shot.

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Good shoot'en

Thats some good shoot'en

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Nice pic !

Some of the best practice you can get is chasing small game.