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Hey MOF, I know this is a

Hey MOF, I know this is a couple years old, but I never saw this photo and I wanted to compliment you on something.  I like to see that you have the smaller bucks up there just as prominently as the bigger ones.  To me, each deer is important, each hunt memorable, and each one worthy of being displayed.

Very nice wall of horns!

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Thanks for the compliments.

Thanks for the compliments. Even though I don't give those smaller bucks a second look anymore, in my earlier days of hunting those were some good times. I enjoyed killing those small bucks just as much as I do the big ones now. I'm just as proud as my beginning and gladly display all of them. You have to start somewhere, lol

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Start somewhere?  Heck, I'd

Start somewhere?  Heck, I'd still take one of the smaller bucks today.... lol

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Nice mounts!