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  A great group of pictures


A great group of pictures you have here.  The harvesting of any animal with a bow is an additional achievement.  Your first animals with a bow are always extra special and always have great stories behind them.  I've done the deer (whitetail) with bow but not a turkey.  Next year I'm looking to accomplish that and then maybe a Mule Deer buck as well.  Thanks for sharing the pictures!


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Looks like a great bunch of

Looks like a great bunch of photos and a great time had by all involved in these hunts. I still have not had the pleasure of taking a turkey but after all the stories I've read this year and then pictures like these I'm really getting the desire to go after them. Colorado has a bunch of them but my area is limited so I will need to build a few points or drive a little bit to get at them. Maine looks like a great place to hunt with many different opportunities available. I'd love to get up there someday as so far this is a state I have never even visited. I imght look into the possabilities of a black bear hunt as that is the species I most desire.