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  Those are some great shots


Those are some great shots of wildlife and the wilderness.  Your drive must be eventful every time you make that trip.  I am definitely envious.  Most of my work traveling was done via the airport and while you could occasionally get a great wildlife shot in some remote area most of the time it was just jets and concrete.  Definitely great pictures and thanks for sharing them!


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some great

Some great pictures there.  I wonder how much time in the field it took to get all those?  Looks like you carry a good camera with you while in the woods.  I used to always use an old camera for my pack because I didn't want it to get damaged.  I would use whatever castoff I had laying around.

Then I realized how important my pictures were so I started taking a lot beter camera with me.  I now use the best one I have.  My pictures are my memories and I want the best. 

Thanks for sharing some great shots of elk and scenery.  Makes me with I had more time to spend in the wilderness.

Thanks.  I live in British

Thanks.  I live in British Columbia, Canada and travel to work in Alberta on a regular basis and always in the mountains and travelling through and working in different areas of wilderness, and being an avid hunter and always interested in wildlife i pack a camera on me.  I am blessed to have a great camera, its a Canon Powershot  with over 12 megapixel and 12 power optical zoom.  Some of the pictures are also taken with my blackberry phone.  I also have a pic of a beautiful black wolf but is somewhat blurred cuz he was too shy and close and tryin desparately to put some distance in between, also some bald eagles and spawning chinook salmon.