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NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for sharing your mounts ! ;) Did Matt do all of them and how recent was the deer mount ? Again thanks for sharing and they look great !

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 Thanks a bunch and Yes Matt

 Thanks a bunch and Yes Matt did them all, The lion was from 97 and came out of Dominguez canyon. The badger was about 99. And the deer was about 2003 if I remember correctly. I had seen an antelope done like that and he said there were some whitetail forms but none at all for mulies. It just took a little shaping and came out great.

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I had to look twice at the

I had to look twice at the deer mount to see what was special. It looks like the shoulders are cut at an angle so that the mount is coming out of the wall differently than usual? It looks really nice at any rate.

I have seen only one badger in the wild. It was back prior to 1986 when I was deer hunting. I saw movement through the woods, but couldn't tell what it was. Even through my scope, I couldn't make it out, and it didn't seem to be getting closer to me, even though it kept moving. I finally got up and started sneaking toward it. When I got within about 50 yards, I could see that it was a badger digging out a den. It was pretty cool just to watch it. Man, they can really move the dirt when they want to!

I was wondering about the lion - can that be turned into a full mount at a later time, or is it too late now that it's been made into a rug?

Nice mounts.


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Yep that's exactly right the

Yep that's exactly right the form is turned at an angle to give more of a side shoulder view. Unfortunately the rug will always be a rug as some hide is removed in the process of making it. On the plus side though it's easier to find a place to put a rug.