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Short of those 'I wonder if its fake' hogzilla stories, those are the biggest feral hogs I have ever seen.  They sure were eating well somewhere.  Where did you find those big pigs? More importantly, how can someone else (liek me!) get access to that hunting ground????

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My goodness, those are some huge hogs!!  If they're good eating, you must end up with a grundle of meat.  I went to Mississippi a few years ago and hunted with a bow but we didn't see anything that big.  All I can say is "WOW"!!  And of course, congratulations.

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Man hunter those are some big ole piggys !!!! Congrats on some super hogs and thanks for sharing the pics.


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Hunter - those are some

Hunter - those are some really nice looking hogs! They appear to be pretty large - what are they, around 200-250?

We now have lots of them here in Michigan, something that was unheard of just 10 years ago - maybe even less. I guess they escaped from some of the fenced hunting "ranches" and began repopulating in the wild. I put "ranches" in parentheses because here in this state, our ranches are usually one square mile or less - nothing like the huge ranches in the western states that may cover thousands of acres.

I have a friend whose family established a ranch a few years ago that is slightly under a square mile. I don't know if they have introduced pigs on it, or if they just have whitetail hunts, but I know they had some trouble keeping the deer in. I can't imagine what it entails to try to keep pigs fenced in - the way they like to dig!

Thanks for posting these pictures - I imagine the hunts were pretty exciting, too.