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Thanks for all the pictures

Thanks for all the pictures Mike. i really like the way you take the time to take so many photos. I'm much better than I used to be but still fall short of capturing all the memories I need to. Sometimes it's the little details and not just the animal pictures that bring the whole experience into focus. Great pictures all the way around. I have had mixed luck with winter wheat fields myself. Sometimes very good if theres only a few around but if there's miles and miles of them they just don't seemt o draw the deer as well. Of course I've only had a few opportunities to hunt them so it may just be the are.

Thanks again for the pictures and grat story you wrote to go laong with them.

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my pleasure

Thanks for the kind words, it is my pleasure to share them!  I used to only take one or two photos if I took a deer, but I have learned over the years to take a LOT of them.  When I look back I always want more of them and now with the magical technology of digital cameras and huge memory chips (at least as compared to rolls of film with just 12 or 24 shots and never knowing what was in the picture until after you PAID to have it developed) it's just plain EASY to do today!  Even a cheap camera like I use can capture good shots if you take enough pictures.  So I take LOTS of them!  :)

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Mike, thanks for the photos.

Mike, thanks for the photos. Some nice looking country and great shots of the camp and deer. Good memories for years to come. Congratulations on your buck.

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  These are some great shots


These are some great shots Groovy Mike!  Great looking bucks!  One heck of a hole you made in your deer too!  Pretty neat looking hybrid.  Washington has some very beautiful country you captured in the pictures.  Great adventure and memories made here - thanks for sharing them with us.


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Thanks -

Thanks.  It is beautiful country - the most beautiful thing about it is that there are far fewer people than in New York!  There are definitely happy memeories captured in those pictures.  As for the hole in the deer - that is the exit wound.  I didn't roll him over for pictures, maybe I should have. Entry wound is tight behind the right leg at the elbow.  The exit wound as you can see is a little farther back as he was not quite exactly broadside to me.  As big as that hole looks from the 375 H&H and a 300 grain bullet I lost zero meat from bullet damage.  The only damaged tissue was in the ribs and I did not plan to pack the ribs across the continent to get them home anyway!  Thanks for the comments - Mike