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Congratulations on the bull

Congratulations on the bull moose. Very nice pictures you have there. I enjoyed all of them. I really liked the picture of you holding up the head and rack on your shoulders. How much did just that weigh. I hope to shoot a moose one of these years.

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Couple of nice moose there

Couple of nice moose there Mike!!!

What part of the state did you get them in?  I weill be back in Vermont in July for a week or so, and I want to bring my son for a drive and look for some moose. 

I figure we'll go up over Jay Peak and head that way.  Maybe catch them out in the open cooling off in the summer heat.

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Stunning photos, Groovy Mike

Stunning photos, Groovy Mike -

I do not really know how big a moose can get - this one does not look like he is a record setter but he is HUGE nevertheless...

I see the photo of you picking up the head and antlers - that alone looks like it weighs 150 pounds!

These are great photos - and worthy of trophy standards for sure.

Super work - loved them.


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Thank you, moose weight

I think the reason they allow a 2nd hunter on a moose permit in Vermont is just to help with the packing out of the downed animal!

Vermont moose are small compared to Alaskan moose.  I estimate mine at +/- 900 lbs.  In Alaska they can go 1500. Maybe I'll get one of those bog boys someday