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Some great looking animals

Some great looking animals that you have there...gotta love hunting in the west!!

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Mike, You are not doing me


You are not doing me ANY favors... I want to go out west really bad and here you are posting pictures of a nice buck and calling him "next year's deer"!

Just put a little kindling wood under there, add some smaller branches... and light the bottom of the pile and watch it turn into a blaze - THANKS, Brother....

Hmmm, put me there with a 7mm08 or .308 and that one is THIS year's deer.

Looks like you were in some serious plains type areas... I like the photos very well.

I dream more of a mountain type setting and hope to go for an elk first - and least a few years of that - and then hopefully, I can transition to a mule deer hunt.

Best case scenario, I can perhaps go out west only every other year and I am in my mid 50's so I better get hopping!

Looks like you had a great trip (or trips) with plenty of deer sighted and least a few harvests.

Great work !

Jealous in SC....


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hope for next year

I didn't get to the western US this year, but that buck that I have labelled "hope" is still walking around.  The photograph was taken by a friend of mine from teh same vantage point in the same field wehere I was laying when I shot my one and only muley buck to date in 2007.  When I saw that picture it was like stepping back in time to the momment just before I shot my buck. 

Oh how I would love to repeat it!  I've made plans to hunt that field again next year (2011) unless I draw a moose tag.  So muley is my back up plan, and THAT doesn't sound bad to me at all!