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Very Nice

Very nice assortment of weapons Groovy Mike.  I like the way you have staged each one to make a better picture.  Especially the one on the moose.

You may have already done this, but I recommend that you write the serial number of each on the picture and put them in a safe place.  Make a list of each of your firearms, their serial numbers and any other distinguishing marks.  Put them with a picture and save them.  Should one of them ever be stolen, you will have good documentation to give to the authorities.

It's also nice just looking at pictures of your rifles.  I really need to take lots of pictures of my customs from every angle.  Especially since one of them doesn't have a serial number.

Nice collection of guns Mike.  Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice Mike.  I especially

Very nice Mike.  I especially like the Marlin Guide gun.

Granted, mine isn't that big a caliber, but my first rifle I ever owned, and the one I still hunt with back in Vermont, is a Marlin 30-30 lever action.

I like it so much, that I couldn't refuse when my step-father in law offered me his out here in California.  Now I 2 of them. Wink

Can't get enough of the old saddle guns, I say!

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Looks like you have a very

Looks like you have a very nice and varied collection Mike.

Each and every one of my firearms has a story and from your photos it looks like yours do to.

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Yes indeed there are stories to tell.  Some have hunted with me, some are heirlooms, soom just waiting their chance to go!