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Nice Knives

Nice bunch of knives Groovy Mike.  I sure with those scales would have been a bit easier to scrimshaw on.  There were too many grooves and cracks to scrim smoothly.

Can a hunter have too many knives?  I sure don't think so.  Just like guns, you always need at least one more.  I remember the first hunting knife I ever owned, a rustic old thing with a leather strip handle.  It was never very sharp and back then, I wouldn't have know the proper way of sharpening it anyway.  I kept that old knife for years and somewhere along the way, it got lost.  Sure wish I had it today.

Then I picked up a Buck or two and they served my purpose very well.  I was attracted to flashy or fancy knives and I'm sure I bought a few that were good to look at, but that's about all.  I may even have a few of those laying around today.

Then I had a good friend give me a custom knife, made by Gary Little in Oregon.  Wow, what a knife!  And WOW, what a friend to have it made and give to me.  It came complete with my name engraved on the blade.  I, of course, still have that knife and use it frequently.  But that was my introduction to really "fine" knives.  I don't know if he did me a service or a disservice in giving me that knife.  It was certainly not my last custom.  I can't tell you how many custom knives I've bought since that time, but I'm sure my wife would tell you it's way to many.

A couple of years ago, I took a lot of them out of my safe, laid them all out in a row and let my son and two son-in-laws take their pick.  They now each own a very nice custom hunting knife.  Most of them have never been used and I know that's a shame, but I just can't bring myself to getting them all bloody.  Maybe someday?  Maybe not?

Thanks for sharing pictures of your collection.  Maybe I'll post some pictures of mine some day.

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That's a nice bunch of knives

That's a nice bunch of knives Mike, I especially like the one in photo number 4. The style and design is exactly what I like. I intend to purchase a custom knife soon just have not found one that really speaks to me yet.

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SMONY knife

I picked up that knife on Ebay.  I am told that the scales are Camel bone.  ArrowFlipper skrimshawed my moose antlers on one side and SMONY (Sir Michael of NY) on the other for me