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the little two man tent was a

the little two man tent was a friend of mine and his.  Actually they claimed to be very warm, but not as warm as we were.  I like to be able to stand up and put my pants on!  We used to always hunt from a trailer til I bought the tent.  The tent hunting just feels more like hunting and havinf to rough it.

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  That IS GOD'S country! 


That IS GOD'S country!  While I have limited experience on elk hunts I really want to do the large tent type camping that allows for a wood burning stove/heater.  The eggs and bacon in the morning I can smell right now!  The little 2-man tent just doesn't have the same ambiance.  Truly great memories and thanks for sharing these Pics!  I hope to have many similar ones here to share in another 3 weeks.



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We have been hunting from a

We have been hunting from a tent for the last 5 years, even though my Dad probably will not admit it I think he likes the then over the trailer.....feels more like elk camp when ya to rough it a bit for 9 days.

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That looks like it should be called God's Country. Just being able to be there would be Awesome.

I really like the campsite and you guys hunting old school. Breakfast looks like it's going to be good also.

Thanks for Sharing!!!!!