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This looks like a great event

This looks like a great event with very positive instruction. It would be great if more places had things like this to get more kids excited about what the outdoors have to offer. Although not even close to as large or with as many activities the DOW has started some similar pheasant hunts for youth hunters here. They actually bring the birds in ion cages and then release them in time for the kids to go after them. There was nothing like this when my kids were young so it's good to see the progressive thinking going on.

Despite all the negative publicity it's really good to see that there are positive things going on in California.

I bet you're really proud of those boys, congratulations on getting them started down the path to a life of enjoying the outdoors.

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All I can say is "Wow"!

Wow!  What an incredible event!  This is what it's all about.  There's nothing like getting a bunch of kids out in the open and teaching them about guns, hunting, safety and conservation.  Not only do they get to feel the thrill of being successful in hunting, but they then learn how to properly take care of what they have harvested.

Great bunch of pictures.  Where did this take place?  I am very impressed!  How many areas have something like this for juniors?  It's all about finding someone willing to put forth the effort to get it organized.  I'm sure you can find people with resources if you have someone that will put it all together.  The possibilities of this are endless.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and the story of the event.

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Thanks for the comments. The

Thanks for the comments. The event was held in Santa Ysabel CA. There are numerous events held throughout the state that are geared towards and for junior hunters but it would be hard to top this one.