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  That is one great buck as


That is one great buck as you can easily tell by the massive set of antlers and the huge neck on the animal - great harvest!

I was intrigued by the "game glide" concept well before seeing this set of photos and their video and product - so much so that I purchased a tarp from one of those big box stores ($5.97 for a 6X8 tarp) and used it in a similar format for transporting my muley out of the woods.  I wrapped parachute cord around the animal and through the rivet holes on the tarp and finished with a wrap around the animals shoulders and head.  This was after I tied the legs up snug into the body of the animal and wrapped in a game bag to keep the bugs and dirt off of it.  Thus when I pulled the animal up off of the ground using my shoulders it slid across the ground with less friction.  Definitely less friction on a drag comparable as their web site attests to.

This worked great for my deer.  I would definitely do something different for this buck in the pictures as well as those in the video so as to not snag their antlers on the ground or nearby tree saplings - maybe wrap the antlers and stabilize somehow.  Most likely IN MY OPINION (for the legal issues) I would think this system of hauling a large buck would not work so well as anticipated.  First - i would field dress the animal to eliminate 30 to 50 pounds of gut weight off of the animal prior to dragging out of the woods (that is what their video shows but not in the pictures).  I'm certain their web site has to detailed this as well.  Secondly - I would use some type of shoulder strap to decrease the dig-in of the cord into my shoulder.  The Manufacturer's video shows a much larger rope being used as the primary drag rope. Third - you need to keep the antlers and legs from snagging on trees and brush somehow while hauling out of the woods. 

For the low low price of $9.99 it is not a bad idea... but If you had the access and most of your hunting terrain warranted it you may want to use a wheeled cart to retrieve and move your deer/antelope out.  My tarp was pretty beat from the terrain it did cover.  It was a fairly thick plastic and expect it would be good for another couple of drags.  The "game slide" is made of a "tough&slick TM" material and is also advertised as recyclable - just dispose of the ropes and re-use.  Hmmmm.?.?

Anyhow - just my opinion on this.  Of course if "game glide" wants to send me a free sample I would be obliged to use it and report an update on its viability where I hunt here in Colorado!






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Nice Buck

That is one nice buck,I know I see lots of huge bucks in Kansas but your buck is still really nice. I like the body size of it also. Grat Job.

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game slide

very nice buck,great rack!

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That is a STUNNING buck!

That is a STUNNING buck!

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Very nice buck you have there

Very nice buck you have there in your pictures.