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  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  That is


Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  That is one heck of a set of pictures you have there!  Those are some great animals you captured.  The two birds you are holding up are phenominal!  Heck - all of these shots are of some outstanding animals.  I can only imagine the adventure you had on these hunts.  Simply awesome shots!  Thanks for sharing these pictures with all of us.  Your safaris are well documented here.


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whoa - those are some

whoa - those are some beasts

the elk and the red stag in particular

i read your posting about New Zealand earlier with great interest

i wonder now why - other than just sheer distance - we have not heard much about the hunting there before.... or maybe it is just that i have never heard about it!

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R.E hunting in South Pacific

Not sure if that last post went up or not Jim but we do alot of marketing in the U.S, I will be over from Jan-feb 2011 in Texas, Nebraska, Utah, and Reno doing shows. Alot of your fellow country men hunt with us to be honest. I just think that because North America is so big not everyone will know about it. We have shows airing at the moment on the Outdoor channel with Jim Burnsworth and co. a bow hunter. Time wise its an overnight 12hr flight which is pretty good, considering I can`t sit still for more than 5 min these new planes make the differance! So there you go mate let me know if you have any other questions. I have also hunted over there on Muleys, Mnt goat and Elk so I know how good your hunting is too! Did you watch our video and what did you think?