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It doesn't look like knocking

It doesn't look like knocking a wall out will help. You need to built another room on to the house. I'm free, I'll come help. Room and board is all I'll charge. LOL

Congrats. Best of luck this year.

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Thanks ecubackpacker! I will

Thanks ecubackpacker! I will give you a call when the time comes! ;)

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Hey elkkill06,

   I have my eye on a huge trophy whitetail I have been seeing this summer. I really hope I take him to add on to my collection. Good luck to you this year!!!!!

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Have to say

I have to say you have some great mounts, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks much groundhog! I hope

Thanks much groundhog! I hope to add atleast one more this year. "Knock on wood"! ;)

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Awesome trophy room. I'm

Awesome trophy room. I'm jealous...

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Alpine Archer,

Thanks much. I am sure in all your adventures to come you will get there.  ;)

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Great looking pics. Kind of

Great looking pics. Kind of reminds me of my whitetail room

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Trophy Room

Thanks much ManOfTheFall ! I am very lucky to have a very cool wife to let me cover the house in what I love. It also helps to mount her stuff also. I hope to add at least one more this year. ;)

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And where is it that you are

And where is it that you are going to buy a new home at that has enough room for all your extras?  And to think that I was a mule deer hunting fool. 

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More room

Thanks Critter! I love chasing mulies as you know. I am thinking when the kids move out that I will knock out the wall between there rooms and make a real trophy room. ;) Quinton