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  Neat looking trail cam


Neat looking trail cam pictures.  And I think the highlighted deer must be a rain drop or some humidity on the lens.  Great shots and thanks for sharing them with all of us!


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Weird trailcam pics

I can't tell what that is on the left hand side on your first photo jpg.557, but the in other 4 photos the white streak across your picture is a spider web.  I have seen the exact same thing in some of my field cam photos, and being the time of year, early October along with the medium temperatures shown, that is the time that spiders are very active before the onset of colder weather.  Those webs are very sticky, don't come off, and are also very strong for what they are.  Just love it when I walk into one, and it always seems to be across my face in the dark...

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Yeah, that was my thoughts

Yeah, that was my thoughts exactly about the spider web across the picture.
In the first picture, I believe that is the end of a reed or something like that. I'll post some more pictures as I find them.
I agree about walking into the spider webs, it seems like I'm a spider web magnet, always getting wrapped up in them.