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  This is a BEAST!  Too bad


This is a BEAST!  Too bad it can't be enjoyed and relived often through a great hunting story.  Awesome pictures and thanks for sharing them!


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Yea it was taken in the city

Yea it was taken in the city limits of a small NC city. It makes you sick to think about the loss.

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That is just simply a

That is just simply a beast... am I looking at the photos right?

He looks like he will gross in the 180's or so?

What is the NC state record for a buck???

A show stopper, no doubt....

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Yea, Jim, he was a beast. I

Yea, Jim, he was a beast. I can't remember exactly what he scored but you're very close if I remember correctly. Maybe 188" or so.
The state record is somewhere around 194", I think.
I'll see if I can find out for you.

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ECU, I guess the size of him


I guess the size of him is eclipsed by the tragedy of the fact that he was poached.

A shame pure and simple.

I only wish you or some other NC hunter could have taken him.

Sorry, Brother....


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Yea, it would have been

Yea, it would have been exciting to have seen the deer mount at the Dixie Deer Classic as the best buck of last year. That's the same to me. If I were to shoot a buck that big, I would be happy, of course, but it wouldn't matter to me who shot him as long as it was ethical.

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Great Scott!

Great Scott - what a buck!!

Was that taken in NC??

That is a show stopper of a buck, regardless of where he was taken.

A shame does not describe the tragedy of this... think of the joy a legitimate hunter would have had if he could have taken this deer!

Heck, that one might cause you to wet your pants BEFORE you took him.

I have hunted 30 years and have never seen a beast like that one in the wild.

The poacher should lose all hunting rights, that is for sure.


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Deer Poached

I said this exact same thing about the poached elk in Estes Park, Co. and it goes equally so here. I hope these lowlife's are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  These huge animals are genetic marvels of nature, and every time a low life poacher takes one of these animals, the future generations of the species suffer for it.  Now the blood line and possible future populations of large animals in his line have been severed forever. 

Speaking to the self centered, selfish, lowlife, --- great going, I hope you, your family and your children are proud of you accomplishments, because no one else is! 

Thank you for destroying another part of this world with another of your amazing feats of stupidity!  Yes I said another, because surely this is not your first.

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Yeah, the poacher was

Yeah, the poacher was apprehended. They took his rifle and vehicle when he was arrested. I don't think he has gone to trial yet.
Yeah, it's ashame these great animals have to die at the hands of poachers after they have survived and eluded hunters for such a long time.