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  That is a great set of


That is a great set of pictures of your hog hunts.  Some of them hogs are huge and obviously been on the land for a while.  I especially like the pictures of the bullets you were able to retrieve from them.  Well these hogs ain't going to hinder the deer on your lease anymore!  Great shots and thanks for sharing all of them with us!


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Thanks for taking a look!

Thanks for taking a look! Those were some huge hogs. I'm currently scouting for some more hogs as I deer hunt. Not any fresh sign so far this year. The biggest sow we shot weighted in excess of 400 lbs. She broke our 350 lb scale with her head and one shoulder still on the ground. The boar weighted 250 lbs. I'll post some picks of the mounted boar soon. I'll be sure to post some picks this year if we shoot any. Good luck hunting!

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That's a nice bunch of hogs

That's a nice bunch of hogs and I know they are super fun to hunt. But from what I have heard they are not something that you really want to see on your deer lease. Too many hogs and the deer go away is what they tell me.

Hopefully you can keep the balance in check and have a great time doing it.

Thanks for sharing the photos.