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Geez, that's a biggie for

Geez, that's a biggie for sure!  How many are you guys allowed in North Carolina? It's unlimited out here.  You just keep buying tags if you want to.

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Yea, that is the biggest boat

Yea, that is the biggest boat we've killed to date.
You can kill as many as like in this part of the state. They are not considered game animals once you leave the mountains. Only in the mountains are they considered a game animal where you can only shoot two a year. But here in the eastern part of the state, you have to have a license to hunt but the hogs are not required to be tagged. And, you can hunt them all year long.
I guess that is an omen and a curse. Omen in that it opens up hunting with the rifle more than just deer season, but they cause so much damage and complete with the deer for acorns. What do you do except hunt them until you get tired of shooting and processing, or run out of freezer space.

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There looks like the real Hogzilla! Good stuff!

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He was definitely a brute of

He was definitely a brute of a hog. After tracking the sow thru a dense cutover the same night I shot the boar, I really wouldn't like to track him while having to crawl on my hands and knees. He could really tear you to pieces with those tusks, which aren't that visible in the pics. Once we skinned him out, we could see how long the tusks really are.
Thanks for checking outvthe pics.