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  Looks like it was a great


Looks like it was a great adventure.  I also greatly appreciate your tips on making your DIY most productive.  I have set up my own DIY pronghorn hunt this year and did most of your tips.  I'm looking to be able to have the same success you did.  Great pics of your adventure and thanks for sharing them with all of us.


We hunted the pindedale

We hunted the pindedale anticline due west of Pinedale.  Antelope are much like caribou; what was a great opportunity this year is a so-so one next year.  Start getting your points (if you haven't already) and then study the harvest data from year to year on the WY F&G website.  Once you have an area nailed down with decent harvest data and plenty of public land, run your thoughts past the biologist and/or game warden in the area you want to hunt.

There is tons of public land opportunity and if you pay attention to your USGS topo you can find solitude.  We hunted the third week of the season to let the early rush pass and we were pretty much alone.

Also, three of us drove from West Virginia to Wyoming, hunted public land and spent less than $650 each all-in.  So you may not have to wait as long as you think.

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DIY-Doug, thanks for the

DIY-Doug, thanks for the info. It's good to know about going later in the season as I have always wanted to be one the first hunters in an area for a given season....makes sense though. Thanks again for posting.

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Congrats on all of your

Congrats on all of your successful hunts.! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

What part of Wyoming did you hunt? I've been thinking about trying to hunt Wyoming in the next couple of years if the economy turns around. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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Great Pictures

Looks like a hunters paradise, Congrats on a sucessful hunt.


It was a great trip.  The country is amazing, a true public land gift to hunters.  We hunted hard for that mule deer.  It was exceedingly warm for that time of year and the deer were timbered up.  Only one of us scored on deer (we did pass smaller deer) but it got us hooked on high country mule deer.  We are headed to Colorado to try our hand there next year and then back to WY as soon as we have to points to do it again!

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Great looking pictures

Great looking pictures there.  I really like the high country mule deer...congrats on all.