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  I will definitely have to


I will definitely have to agree here.  That is one great set of pictures you have.  I see you are into all types of hunting - and that is great.  I especially like the Wyoming mule shot.  The sky behind is perfect for a great setting with your very nice mule deer.  But the greatest shot within your album here is the one of your son in your arms and the turkey at your side.  There is nothing greater than having your son at your side during a hunt and during the picture taking. 

A very very nice set of pictures.  Thanks for sharing them with all of us.  I wish you great success in all your future hunts - especially those that include your child.


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Whoa - what a stunning

Whoa - what a stunning album!

I am assuming that a mulie hybrid is a cross between a whitetail and a mule deer?

Is that possible?

If yes, makes you wonder why the 2 species (is that the right word?) do not eventually become one? Sounds bad but you wonder if it could happen.

Those poached whitetails are some great bucks - I do not know the details but what a shame regardless if they were taken illegally - that really deprives an honest and ethical hunter of a great opportunity!

On the album as a whole - CScott - you have had some wonderful successes...

Great photos and great harvests...

Color me jealous in South Carolina.

Good work.