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Nice Muleys

I love the Muleys and looks like someone needs help processing.

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white tail backlog

Well these guy's skinning ,cutting the legs off and head getting it ready for the cooler only took 2 minutes from time they grabbed mine from my truck till it was on the way to cooler to hang for a few days.They do 1500 in a season and are really fast and fun to watch.

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stack of white tail deer

 I have more muley's to put on here. The white tail backlog was up to 50 deer,if you look real hard you can see one hanging inside. Hope to get more pics this fall.  

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nice bucks. where did ya take

nice bucks. where did ya take these?

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Muley's buy the road in New Mexico

These were taken August 29,2010 in New Mexico.Maybe 150 yards from the road on a hill. I got out of my car opened the trunk got my binoc's out and they just watched me.My son took the pic's with his video recorder,it takes nice close ups as you can tell. We just passed the town of Springer,NM close to the border of Oklahoma.I will post some antelope that we seen right by the fence on a 2 lane road just about 1 mile from these muley's.