Nice photos critter. Thanks

Nice photos critter. Thanks for putting them up

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Neat photos, thanks for

Neat photos, thanks for sharing!

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I should of put in that we

I should of put in that we spotted the fella from about 1500 yards away.  My brother in law wanted some pictures so I grabed his camera and headed out.  I took a picture about every 50 or so yards when ever I poped out of the cover just to make sure that he was still there.  Once I got within 50 yards I stated to moo like a cow just so that he knew that there was something near him.  Then once he spotted me he ambered off into the trees.  The pictures were takes in mid September about a month after the breeding season and on one of the pictures that I took you can see where his right horn had been broken off.  Also if you looked at his rib cage you could see his ribs, he just wasn't in that good of shape.  The sad thing is that he was harvested during one of the hunting seasons during November of that year.  He had moved from the lower location up onto the hill side that is in the back ground and up about a 1000' in eleveation. 

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Nice pics! What a great

Nice pics! What a great experience to get up on him and take the pics.