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Yes, non residents can draw

Yes, non residents can draw but it is hard to.  I have 10 bonus points and I believe that this year on the either sex tags they only let out 2 or 4 nonresident tags.  But then they didn't let out that many resident tags either.  They have both a cow hunt and either sex hunts on the Henery Mountains every year and try to hold the heard around 300 animals.  This hunt is a free roaming hunt.  No fences just the boundry line. 

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Critter, can non-res draw

Critter, can non-res draw tags for bison?

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Last picture, I am now close

Last picture, I am now close enough that he could cover the distance in about a half a second and he knows I am there.  Now if I only had a permit and a bow with some arrows, but wait this is September and the hunts don't start until November.  Oh well it was just nice to get this close along with the pictures.